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pieces and then dumped police busted what looks to be a major operation and for chicago women sharing one common love much more than a hobby. wgn news @ 9 wgn news @ 9 former first lady betty ford passes away a pioneer in many ways tonight we look at her legacy. good evening top story all around the country on wgn america betty ford born in chicago and eventually moved to grand rapids looking back on her life >> betty ford light than the political spotlight started quickly after her marriage to gerald ford elected to congress two weeks after their wedding.
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as first lady developed for all personal up beyond the white house notes for speaking out on abortion rights and women in the workplace. the mother of four children considered strong active and most of all candid >> madaditit p psisie for m mto go ahead and share what i learned with others >> before 1974 it was almost unheard of for a first lady to publicly mentioned personal problems. in the first year of husband's presidency announced she had breast cancer and would undergo a bisected me but the betty ford center for substance abuse the greatest legacy >> i think she educated a generation that needed education that needed support and how to deal with these problems. >> betty ford disclosed
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that she had used alcohol and prescription drugs first major political problem to openly addressed the problem that plagues millions. >> from the very first day in place for any man or women who wanted help >> they did on necessary to hide the reality of substance abuse >> betty ford largely out of the public eye in her later years most americans are or the first time in more than a decade at the funeral and burial of her husband. a four day period of national mourning and although she looked for agile she never wavered. at the treatment center she helped create, a memorial for generations to come. >> charges could be upgraded against the man accused of beating and stabbing another man at chicago's lake view
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neighborhood of the past, they began, julie unruh >> bandage and stapled it for the july attack emotional victims as the lake view incidents not a hate crime. he believes it was a bunch of teenagers looking to trouble. >> it is a great day a great day >> five days in the hospital and the stab wounds to prove it 25 year-old watch is the video that landed in their eight beating and stabbing in the 3400 block of north halsted early monday morning at the bottom of the pack of people rabin said >> very difficult to watch >> group of guys pass them on the sidewalk someone made a wise crack and that was it >> i gave them what they wanted i turned around and i said who are you talking to? what happened? they instantly started to approach me and surrounded be
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basically and i held my ground. then the guy that was charged today jump in my face and said you talked a lot of stuff and i will knock you out >> went down fast and try to shield himself when it was all over only that he knew he was stabbed in five places suffering a collapsed lung and just released from the hospital today. the same day police charged this bed with the stabbing 24 year old darren hayes of hammond indiana charges made possible police say thanks to youtube facebook and lots of tips >> we saw very clear photographs of the people in bald dead after that people came forward and actually gave us the permission and names of some of the people involved >> i want to be angry and have rage toward said but that is not me it is not me, i am sorry that it happened but actions
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have consequences >> darren hayes charged with aggravated battery and a mob action the case yet to go to the grand jury where more charges can come down, recent days other violence in the neighborhood up with the community on edge also causing the attention of local authorities chicago police say this attack is one of several that are aware of >> cutting back on security detail chicagos two top police opposite says most of the police officers protecting public officials will go back to street duty. superintendent garry mccarthy says that will save taxpayers $650,000 security reduced for mayor of and will alderman ed burke treasurer and gary mccarthy himself security for state's attorney anita alverez and the chicago housing ceo have been eliminated all the brown emmanuel and gary mccarthy will have sworn officers protecting them the others will use retired police officers.
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mastermind behind the burr oak cemetery scandal now going to present for 12 years 51 year-old carolyn towns pled not guilty to all of the charges she faces this morning among the charges dismembering a human body stealing more than $100,000 from the corporation that operated burr oak to directing grave diggers to bury bodies in graves already occupied, three other defendants will appear in court next week county sheriff estimated up to 300 or more bodies may have been desecrated >> shop in the head earlier this week tonight clinging to life the nine year-old boy and as a victim at father spoke to wgn about what happened joining us live jae miller >> boycott and the crossfire early wednesday morning while bringing his dog in for the night father is speaking out for the first time today since the shooting says his son is showing improvement and trying to hug him from his hospital bed >> doctors say he is very lucky
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and very blessed that i agree >>ivan burns sr. speak and outside of advocate post child toast hospital, some on it cost hospital ventilator after being shot in the head earlier this week >> moving his limbs able to answer questions by nodding yes or no >> what is now a nightmare started off as a typical summer day tuesday with the father and son riding bicycles and plan videogames of around midnight gunfire erupted near the family home near 100th place and state in the roseland neighborhood. >> we went to get the dog and we heard a few shots so we decided to wait >> the one-year-old dog sandy was in the backyard after a few hours of not hearing gunshots, ivan sr assumed the coast was clear but within seconds of stepping outside a second wave of gunfire erupted little ivan
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burns jr. could lead to the head >> that is what i saw my son falling i saw him falling >> what he is expecting is for his son a 4th grader at bennet matrice school to make a full recovery also hoping for peace in the roseland neighborhood where a 17 year-old was also shot and killed earlier this week. >> all i can say to everyone who is trying to hurt one another with a weapon think first and stop trying to do that so quickly. >> no arrests have been made in the case made while ivan burns sr. says he has relied on his faith to make it through this says his hoping his son do his famous praise dance sometimes said something he is known for in his church >> a wake is underway tonight for a mount carmel high school student who died from a punch to the head, kevin kennelly 17
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year-old funeral held tomorrow morning at 10:00 a.m. at 101st and what would though19 year-old james malecek through the fatal punch in the end of beach on july 4th accused of aggravated battery and it voluntary manslaughter >> chicago police pick up a west side chop shop auto theft ring and four men face felony charges police called operation payback for bonds wgn cameras rolling when the police moved and a rusted theo poole tiresias young, justin abraham james safford. cars and parts and even motorcycles were recovered as evidence. >> we do their work tow trucks out there stealing vehicles but wanted to get to the heart of the operation chop shop making the money
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>> crew targeting 5-10 cars a week for several months >> brazen jail escape caught on camera to inmates storm an office in attempts to get out of jail dave matthews band chicagos outside tonight brand new concert venue had a leg first major theft and prepare to crank up the air conditioner more time skilling says about to get more hot to wgn news @ 9
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wgn news @ 9 all 3 engines up and burning lift off >> they say it is one thing to personally see a shuttle launch but first time anyone near cape canaveral will ever feel the launch. last shuttle launch, alan chernoff was there to witness end of 30 year reign >> beginning of the mission marked the end of an era. america will continue to dream. atlantis launched as scheduled friday morning. precision and
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control so crucial to a mission a wild card throughout the countdown to the launch that lasted the weather. four-member crew started up this morning in anticipation of the scheduled liftoff. to be done by the crowds that gathered it anywhere they could to get a glimpse of the historic launch, four person crew now headed to the international space station. 135th shuttle mission will be astronauts third time and space knowing this is the final mission makes this one special >> like being at disneyland late at night can i get to the front of the line before the ride closes or get caught up at the end? >> nasa says it all goes well may try to extend the mission by one day >> lot of work in front of us but also great start >> launch director says after lift off people in the control room did not want to leave >> the same feeling that drew as many as 1 billion onlookers
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>> i am glad to see that i was a part of history beginning and and and something to come after this i got to be here with all of these people want to put americans to experience that >> quite the experience just before liftoff commander chris ferguson told mission control we are completing a chapter in a journey that never ends while the space shuttle will end at nasa will not focus on the expiration of deep space >> here in chicago cheers and tears for the final shuttle lot of us watched the lift up at the chicago adler planetarium they said it will never lose excitement over space exploration even with the end of the shuttle program. adler employees chose profession because of the three decade old shuttle experiment. >> i have lived it myself ever since grade school and i went to space camp and all of that fun stuff sell it has been a part of
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my life play a very long time >> the adler marks and of the shuttle program with the beginning of a new exhibit called the deep space adventure experience check out the photograph of the shuttle above the cloud sent to us by flight attendant amy larson at 40,000 ft. >> today's job report a stunner unemployment expected to drop actually went up >> today's job report confirms what most americans already know, we still have a long way to go a lot of work to do to give people the security and opportunity that they deserve >> as you can see no way for the president to sugar coat number is a huge disappointment to the unemployment rate up to 9.2%. i can't be gained 18,000 jobs in june some perspective 150,000 jobs a month needed just to keep pace with population growth. it led nowhere now the only state in the nation that does not
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allow citizens to carry concealed weapons. today wisconsin gov. stop walker signed legislation making his state the 49th state to allow concealed firearms and other weapons such as taster's new law takes effect november 1st wisconsin residents wanting to carry and conceal will have to be at least 21 years old training and permits for their weapons and must clear background checks. under quinn has already said he would never sign legislation allowing people into the state to do the same. we want to hear from you should ever knowing allow residents to carry concealed weapons? text yes or no to 97999 or vote results after 7 day forecast tom skilling >> daring jail break caught on camera to inmates talking on a telephone waiting 0.8 fight to take place a staged fight when it does the guards open the door and the inmates take the
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roadtrip. vegas. vegas! now?! [ female announcer ] two hours to vegas. two hours to whiten. ♪ ♪ crest whitestrips two hour express. in just two hours you can have a noticeably whiter smile that lasts for months. ♪ ♪ hi. hi. where you guys headed? i think we're here. [ female announcer ] whitening without the wait. 3d white two hour express whitestrips...from crest. life opens up when you do. and try 3d white toothpaste and rinse. wgn news @ 9 dave matthews band caravan or rocking out tonight in southeast chicago at the site of an old steel mill the place to party tonight >> i was a hot mess thing around for hours absolutely
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crazy out here. at least a cool breeze now no party for me but everybody inside is having a great time everybody dancing having a blast to dave matthews the only one plan now many people who came here tonight following him anywhere 100,000 people expected to attend the 3 day musical festival with dave matthews band as the headliner of three nights 38 other bands playing. the band not touring this years of chicago is the destination for dave matthews band fans from all over the country. fans and not surprised that he chose this economically struggling south shore area he normally picks venues away from the norm and where his presence can do to the committee good. parked at the old united states steel mill that closed in 1992 almost 22 years later better read said those who aren't too excited to be here
9:22 pm
>> my first time i am excited this is like my fifth time i think >> we left our three month old son to come out first-time leading him away we will enjoy it did today kind of like a hot hitman >> every time is different is the look and the feel the crowd the band has a different feel every time they love it as much as the crowd and it is worth the money every time >> definitely delivers very cool i got to see him backstage a very good time the
9:23 pm
lineup for the next few days is great as well >> a rare skin disease affecting thousands of families coming up out what local family fighting back and getting the royal treatment they look at william and kate weekend in california
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medical watch children with scales sound science fiction but for one local family is reality causes everybody we need to stop and stare >> from a distance you might not notice but all three agreed children have a rare skin disorder to a closer look you can see thick scales every inch of the children's body. >> they had no idea before they had their first child is often the case >> they can see the moment michael was born >> we have had people approached us thinking it is a severe sunburn or ask if they had been a fire or a chemical burn things like that
9:26 pm
>> not a burned the children born without a genetic enzyme all three children produce excessive amounts of fixed again making everyday tasks a challenge >> the skin condition that can overheat and they do not sweat very hot war days keeping them cool and very important to >> frequent water breaks and skin lotion daily to sue to be dry flaky skin >> there is no cure we do have ways to treat that can decrease the visibility largely a cosmetic problem >> a support group they can talk to other families to help them overcome stairs and questions >> for the most part we try to treat them like any other child >> one in 300,000 people are
9:27 pm
living with the disorder doctor says is more rare that a family would have multiple children with decondition the journey has shown that he did in the face of tough conditions there is support if you look hard enough >> coming up gorgeous weekend ahead very well deserved tom skilling forecast is next and is a crowd pleaser you like it
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tom skilling joining us is gorgeous >> it is gorgeous and the lake has been warming to day and hit 74 degrees a season-high gorgeous the warmest july opening in nine years in chicago the fifth warmest since records started at o'hare airport in 1959 look at the sky at one of five meteorological summer days at what percent of possible sunshine. the month of july at 76% of possible sot 68% of normal in july that is something when you figure every month so far this year has had less sodom than normal what a turnaround. the monsoon is flowing as you can see and waves of storms moving around a hot air down in the process of expanding. we will feel that over the weekend a slow process amazing below over the dry soil
9:31 pm
we have here the driest in late june early july in 22 years does not put much moisture in the air as a result allows temperatures to warm up nicely 82 degrees-85 degrees the high temperature in chicago 90 degrees into the provinces of canada at this hour were still 80 degrees with temperatures bump up against 90 degrees tomorrow humidity are arriving on the scene on sunday that could produce and thunderstorms which we need but it will be scattered and not until the afternoon hours. 80 degrees here '70s in the north woods tonight light easterly wind with one more day of a lake breezes pushing to 90 degree temperatures up to the lake front on sunday. the heat index is 80 with 845 dew point humidity 20% outside the air is amazingly comfortable peabody
9:32 pm
raining on the mid-atlantic incredible rain across new york philadelphia and washington area flooding reported out there other storms to the northwest of developing weather system there. waves of these things writing rapidly eastward as the weekend goes on to the door they could sweep the area later sunday but my dad looks like the main chance for thunderstorms. could be either heavy grain producers or severe at times we will have to watch those but 92 degrees today all readings away from the lake naperville not far from 90 degrees on the other hand near the lake in the mid-upper 70's close to 80 degrees 80 degrees at o'hare the these are the storms that hit washington d.c. look at some of the rain totals from the weather but stations some areas like williamsburg in virginia 3 in. plus of rain.
9:33 pm
flood advisories in the wake of the brain to the east indies are weather watches thunderstorms and tornado watches to the west. sign that things are being more active out there may be a sign of things to come. a gorgeous saturday much of sunday is going to be ok also until sportswear in parts of the area late in the day before 90 degrees tomorrow and led cooler at the beaches no cooling anywhere with 91 degrees on sunday at lake temperatures 67-74 degrees storms later in the week at 20% coverage thunderstorm situation that rose to 60% coverage on monday, 90 degrees tomorrow cooler at the beach is low 90s in land here on the temperature is right now across the chicago area gorgeous the only serious elevated. here is what happens a ridge of high pressure with a light wind in the middle over us
9:34 pm
tonight a southeastern way to developing tomorrow as this thing slides east word as it does the southerly winds starts pumping moisture some of these may swing through parts of the area and appear right now they may favor the north and west suburbs more than other places and fadeaway into the night will not be too cool as a matter of fact pretty warm and muggy new storms develop and these things fly eastward. along the jet stream. hot air storms tend to ride along the south end. a set up with the storms can set up and lied and train over an area. we do not have much skill a distance of two-three days predicted where it will occur but may be somewhere in the midwest could produce a heavy rain situation. we may also have severe weather but talking beyond the weekend looks gorgeous tonight is a good example clear and comfortable 62
9:35 pm
degrees and lead at 68 degrees at the lake shore tomorrow mostly sunny turning more humid in the afternoon a slow process high of 90 degrees at the low mid '80s that the beaches tomorrow night scattered clouds cloudy if you will low temperature of around 70 degrees tomorrow night. southland sot stimulus clouds breeze the hot and humid late in the day high 91 degrees not everyone will see the clouds heat index closed 100, very hot again next weekend. happy friday have a good weekend seven day forecast i had >> coming up spirit and style these four chicago would have coming together to create wearable works of art to pass along advice and laughter and
9:36 pm
sorry chicago katy perry canceled a big concert weekend how long will fans have to wait for the make-up concert? ♪ that's the way, uh-huh, uh-huh ♪ [ male announcer ] introducing mio. a revolutionary water enhancer. add a little...add a lot. for a drink that's just the way you like it. make it yours. make it mio.
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3q um, miss? up here! those are hard water stains. truth is, 85% of us have hard water. unlike the leading all-purpose cleaner, lime-a-way is specially formulated to conquer hard water stains. for lime calcium and rust lime-a-way is a must. what started out as a love for jewelry making has tended to
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love and respect for one another, for women from different generations and walks of life are now linked forever. generations of style and spirit chicagos very own >> always chitchat laughter and life lessons when these 4 get together 4 women ranging in age of 34-82 with the common bond of making jewelry. >> i would say jewelry brought us together but we are like sisters you know we like each other >> they call themselves generations of style and spirit, together now for almost a year, a former teacher mae sue rule bored while showing pieces at a jewelry store decided to take a walk around the showroom
9:40 pm
and meet other lady vendors >> thought it would be nice to get together some like minded ladies interested in the same thing >> four ladies decided to meet for breakfast >> we thought it would be for an hour it but we met maybe 3 hours you know we bonded from the very start >> although they have not been together long bond seems to get stronger and stronger with every bi monthly meeting regardless of the age gap >> show me how that works >> 82 year old charlotte anne smith says age does not matter with this group >> yes we are equal nobody makes me feel like i am an agent per cent although i am getting there but nobody makes you feel any different than anybody else that just does not come out >> what does come up is a lot of sharing of ideas >> i told u ladies that i just discovered wire guards >> we talk about a lot of stuff
9:41 pm
we talk about life in general once again we talk mostly jewelry things that one person does not know i know they like my wire strap technique a lot and we talk about life >> you would think when a bunch of designers get together there might be some competition base say it is not an issue especially since they each have their own style >> that is pretty angela has been helping me plump up my jewelry because my daughter says that my old stuff is for old people and might charlotte anne smith stuff is for young people but we work well as a group that bought we just work well as a group this is just a really great group that i am glad i am a part of it >> amazing that in less than a year that have become family these four and would do anything for the other what jewelry brought together at let no man or woman put us under >> i would like the world in general to have this kind of
9:42 pm
peace that we have together if i could have that wish >> generations of style and spirit they are chicagos very own >> for dynamite ladies to learn more about generations of style and spirit, >> coming up coming to america will and kate what happened when the newly made duke and duchess of cabbage arrived in california and the chicago cubs look to carry the momentum to pittsburg after last night historic comeback in washington we will be right back.
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wgn news @ 9 pop star katy perry not at the allstate read this evening she postponed her concert seems she is a case of food poisoning that led to dehydration. katy perry released a statement apologizing to the chicago fans promising to return and give her best show ever rescheduled for august 21st. after a nine day cross- country business in canada at the royal couple not in los angeles grading prince william and catherine at lax gov. jerry
9:46 pm
brown and antonio villaraigosa, royal couple went to beverly hills board business supporting united kingdom trade and investment at the british council residence >> nice weather all so maybe we will have some of that all so tom skilling? >> pretty nice weekend coming up if things work out next week and could be eight blistering affair around here, this weekend the warmest meter logical summer so far, six the weekend of meteorological summer. plains states may be a sign of things to come a couple of these coming through the area late on sunday but until then dry and lovely. watch out things transpire tomorrow you can see lots of sunshine by monday morning storms across iowa ready to headed to western illinois they can hold together and swipe parts of the chicago area though we think aerial coverage will be 20-30 percent of the area on
9:47 pm
sunday far better clusters said storms. in the heat and humidity of monday afternoon, some of those can be happy to look at the rainfall forecast. heavy rain on the east coast and as we move through time you can see the area of purple and red out west the beginning of clusters of storms and the brain as they lay out and severe weather northwest tomorrow night forecast on sunday and sunday night in the area apparently for all indications during the day on monday the jet stream thunderstorms building vertically grabbing some land burned down to the surface tomorrow picture-perfect, 90 degrees expected with low-mid '80s at the beaches light southeast breeze one last day. fourth day of lake breezes. south southwest wind. storms come again in clusters. will not rain continuously on monday but
9:48 pm
instead come in waves. could be downpours. canadian high pressure building and all of the lake low humidity tuesday wednesday we start building the heat back in again by next week mid-90s by saturday next weekend the early thought. we will keep an eye on that and get the beads on a wonderful weekend. >> babes with bullets at shooting range in plainfield and the cast of the all new blues brothers tribute perform at the top said center and the lake view stabbing victim and the dave matthews band caravan images captured by chicago tribune photographers today. >>babes with bullets started 2004. i realized i was stabbed
9:49 pm
blood everywhere. >> more photographs on the website adam dunn early spark as the white sox finally put it runs on the twins and devin hester teaming up with dwayne wade cannot avoid talk about the nba and nfl lockout sports is next.
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dad, did you eat my jell-o pudding? [ dad ] no. pudding face! i'm sorry. you don't look sorry. you're right i'm not. [ male announcer ] get your pudding face on with irresistible jell-o pudding. rich in the studio tonight crying no good news
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>> we are here together tonight tom is here, what about sports? >> after an amazing comeback in washington d.c. the chicago cubs tried to get a winning streak going head to the all-star break taken on the pirates in pittsburgh tonight, off to a good start very first inning aramis ramierez 15th homer cubs lead 3-2 in 6th pirates tie game solo shot off lopez cubs again 4-3 pirates tie game and kills one against marmol big 3 run shot pirates win 7-4, cubs 18 under .500. if you live white sox bad you have to run it both shoes and your television no matter how many injuries the
9:54 pm
twins have whatever their record is they always called the white sox minnesota 5-0 heading into action tonight sox showcased lumber a bald guys adam dunn led the charge to run shot off and it blackburn 5 lead by-one, gavin floyd did it all back in the fourth bank, to ron sigel polanski produce the guys who hit in the clutch tie game at 55-5, relative unknown man 5-5, 3 run twins lead 8-5 in 7th ozzie still says he has guys who can do it >> i feel comfortable with what we have they need to show me how good they are if we play to our potential i guarantee we will kick butt but we are not planned that way now i have the money
9:55 pm
and power who we can break here we have a pretty good ball club we are just not playing good >> devin hester and dwayne wade joined forces place skills academy program link in a way central high school today both players locked out of their jobs the nfl still holding labor talks that situation looks encouraging the nba may be a tougher situation to resolve >> we have sought the dead, and we do not have jobs. we all love the sport two sides of the story did not know the truth to not know what to believe i tried not to get involved i want to just be ready for when the time comes i am ready >> reports tonight that yao ming retiring 7 ft. 6 in. chinese start 9 seasons in the
9:56 pm
nba all be played five games last year for the houston rockets ankle surgery in january he will call it a career. two- time defending champion steve stricker at the john deere classic tied for second place nelles an eagle on the 12th hole of the day five under for the tournament, 12 under for the tournament 18 stroke lead, ohio state they did in 2010 big 10 championship sugar bowl victory back to baseball derek jeter taking a pass on the all star game and finally how about the kid in seattle michael jackson dachshund thriller during the game is showing the stadium jumbo tri for one minute and a
9:57 pm
half great response caesar palace might be watching great moves may be in for a contract. >> i think he stole some of your moves, rich >> i do that and private that is something i do privately >> that is the news this friday night happy to share time with us updates on for all of us have a great night and a great weekend to goodbye.
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